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ChartaCourse formats entire law school courses as

Concept Maps

We then embed all course content — cases, readings, videos, problems, diagrams, etc. — within the chart. Just click on a concept, and the content appearsAdopting professors can customize the charts to their needs by editing both the content and structure of the chart for their courses

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ChartaCourse was created by law professors, for law professors.
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Charts Now Being Used as Casebook Replacements



Constitutional Criminal Procedure I

Civil Procedure

Criminal Law



Business Organizations

Constitutional Law: Powers

Constitutional Law: Liberties

Professional Responsibility

Family Law


Constitutional Criminal Procedure II

Coming Soon

Trusts and Estates

Civil Rights


Administrative Law (Canadian)

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ChartaCourse Charts are Pedagogically Better than Casebooks

ChartaCourse charts constantly visually reinforce how each concept you are teaching is related to every other concept you are teaching.

As students access content, they build a trail from the general to the particular. They see both the conceptual framework and the particular information of the individual page at the same time.

They can see both the forest and the trees. Simultaneously. Always.

And, unlike casebooks, ChartaCourse charts can be updated practically in real time.

New decisions and news of the day can be seamlessly integrated into the learning experience, bringing the concepts to life in their relevance and immediacy. No waiting two years for the ‘latest’ cases arrive.

The research is unequivocal: concept charts combined with text are superior to text alone in both the breadth and depth of understanding they foster:

“Concept mapping was found to benefit learners across a broad range of educational levels, subject areas, and settings.

“The evidence that concept maps can be more effective than text passages for conveying detailed information reinforces the notion that concept maps have more to offer than the mere reduction of information.

“The evidence presented in this review should persuade teachers to make extensive, well-planned use of concept mapping activities and preconstructed concept maps.”

Nesbit, John C. and Olusola O. Adesope. “Learning with Concept and Knowledge Maps: A Meta-Analysis.” Review of Educational Research 76: 413-448.

ChartaCourse Charts are Much Less Expensive than Casebooks

New casebooks typically cost students $250 each. That’s without a statutory or rules supplement. And publishers continuously bring out new editions, often with only trivial changes.  A one-year subscription to a ChartaCourse chart costs students just


Everything — cases, statutes, rules, diagrams, flowcharts, everything — is built right into the chart. No supplement necessary.

And, students can print and download as much of a ChartaCourse chart as they like.

Students can even highlight and take notes directly into the application.


What Do the Students Say?
Quotes from Anonymous Student Evaluations
“The ChartaCourse App is WONDERFUL. I love the idea and the implementation of the application. This is truly a teaching app for law students and I hope I see more courses used with technology like this.R#8221;

“Perhaps the most effective course reading format I have ever encountered.”

“Chartacourse was an amazing tool. It helped in such a great manner to place each topic in context with others. No other class has been this organized in its presentation.”

“Chartacourse is absolutely, hands-down amazing.”

“Chartacourse was the most helpful tool I’ve used since being in law school.”

“I’m a HUGE fan of ChartaCourse. It would be an amazing tool instituted in more classes, both here and in any educational setting, really.”

“I love Chartacourse. It is organized excellently and the combination of “essentials,” cases, and various flowcharts/signposts are very effective at cultivating my understanding of the matter.”

“Much improved over traditional textbooks.”

“The ChartaCourse material helped develop a very good understanding of how the subjects and cases were related.”

“The readings in Chartacourse were clear and much more effective than a traditional textbook.”

“ChartaCourse was a great organizing tool and helped me get through the course material. I loved the references it included that were more “real world applicable” rather than just textbook examples.”

“Chartacourse is an amazing tool.”

“ChartaCourse kept me on track and laid out clear expectations. Great tool!”

“Chartacourse was so helpful. It gave an overarching structure for the class that allowed us to know where we were, where we were going, and the conceptual relationship between all of the topics.”

“Chartacourse made a good class an excellent one.”

“Chartacourse is a helpful tool, really breaks down the class and helps the student understand where everything fits.”

“Brilliant. It helped me to remain organized in a manner that I never have been before.”

“Even before studying for the final I can conceptualize the different Amendments and the issues within each one. Chartacourse is a huge success and I would encourage more professors to use it.”

“Chartacourse is the best thing since Nutella.”

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2. Be Recognized as a Genius.
Professor Sarah Deer
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2014 MacArthur Genius Award Winner

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